Hello everyone! I am (un)fortunately back from my cruise to the Bahamas. I had a wonderful time and got some nice color to show for it. Since this is a food blog, I won’t go too much into detail about what we did. I took pictures of the food as often as I remembered, but we didn’t really eat anything crazy worth picturing. As a matter of fact, we didn’t each much at all period. Everyone raves about the food on cruises but we spent a lot of our time on the beach or sleeping, so eating wasn’t really a priority (erroneous, I know). Here are some pictures anyway.


We arrived in Florida and went to a restaurant named Sandbar in Cocoa Beach. They have this ridiculous 5lb burrito that we saw someone actually attempt! He failed but was incredibly close. Their picture wall only had a handful of successful patrons. While we were there, we decided to celebrate day 1 of vacation with a 45oz bowl of the Ultimate Hurricane. We just wanted the cool cup.

Sandbar is known for its tacos and they were mighty good, if I do say so myself. Mmm, shrimp tacos.

The following day we got on our ship and went straight to eat, of course. Three bowls of salad later, we decided to walk around.

For dinner, we went to the Wind Song restaurant. It was very fancy looking and they served meals like the one above. Chicken with pasta and pretty chocolate cake. I got something that wasn’t on the menu…

Then we went out! My leopard print and all.

We got breakfast delivered to us every morning.

Our first stop was Freeport. It was beautiful, despite the intense weather that brought all forms of seaweed all along the coast.

That was our lovely view while we ate my favorite kind of pizza. How American of us.

We also got room service for lunch almost daily. Laziness at its finest. These were various sandwiches we got throughout the trip.

Next stop was Nassau. We got lost in Atlantis for way too long but finally made it to the beach and loved it. We stuck to room service for most of our meals that day, but here are some pictures of the area.

Of course we went out again. I never realized how much leopard print I had…

Lastly, we went to Half Moon Cay. I’m not sure if this was a private island or not, but woooooooow was it beautiful! I don’t remember eating here either, so you’ll have to see the beach instead. How horrible…

I told you there wasn’t much food involved! It surprised me as well, most definitely, but we had a good time nonetheless. These pictures do not do it justice AT ALL, but maybe they’re enough motivation to get you wanting to go as well.

I will continue with my regular recipe posts starting tomorrow. Until then, toodles! Gimme some oven lovin.


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