Fourth of July Oreos

photo 2-3

Here is another treat that you can make for your upcoming 4th of July party. Similarly to yesterday’s post, you will need many of the same ingredients. However, today’s goodies include Oreos (YUM) and an option completing the same effect with icing instead of chocolate.

You’ll need:

photo 1-2

  • Oreos
  • Sprinkles (color of your choice)
  • Chocolate candy melts (color of your choice)
  • Icing (optional)

First, let’s do the icing option. I didn’t put too much effort into these because I wasn’t in the mood to eat any frosting, but it’s easy enough to not need intricate instructions.


1. Cover as much of the Oreo as you want with your frosting. You can pick whichever color/flavor you desire. I had vanilla so it fit nicely with this theme.

photo 2-2

2. After you cover your cookie, sprinkle your sprinkles. Again, put as little or as much as you prefer.

photo 3-2

Done. Easy. Next.

A less sticky and more delicious version of a covered Oreo is below. Continue if you dare (and you totally should).


1. Melt your chocolate in 30 second increments, stirring between each heating.

photo 4-2

2. Cover your cookie with the melted chocolate. You can either dip it in, scoop it on, or use any other method of your choosing.

photo 5-2

3. Since I used white chocolate as my base, I melted one blue and one red pellet to drip on top. I like to think of these as “stripes”, though I am aware that there are no blue stripes on the flag. Just play along. They’re cute.

photo 1-3

4. You can cover with additional sprinkles if you’d like.

photo 2-3

Enjoy your holiday and gimme some oven lovin’.


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