Healthy Halloween: Frankenstein Fruit Face


Here’s another easy, last minute Halloween snack. I saw this idea on pinterest (of course), but decided to substitute the marshmallows for stickers to make this a truly healthy treat. You can make either version and munch away!

This works with any size cup. I got 12oz cups and matching lids from Party City, but they do also sell 9oz, 10oz, 16oz, etc. Of course, the bigger the cup, the more grapes you’ll need. For reference, I made 15 cups and needed 2 bags of grapes, and if I had more I would have used them to really fill the cups to the top.

You’ll need:

  • Green grapes
  • Black permanent marker
  • Plastic cups with lids
  • White circle stickers

Step 1:
Insert your stickers on the inside of the cup, about a third of the way from the top. If you can’t find circular stickers, you can do what I did and make them. I traced a quarter on label paper and cut it out. It took a while to make 30 eyeballs, but I think they came out perfectly.
fullsizerender_2Step 2:
On the outside of the cup, draw eyes and a smile with the marker.

Step 3:
Fill the cup with grapes!


Aren’t these cuties? Gimme some oven lovin’.


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