FAVOR-EATS: Chocolate Wooden Spoons

I mentioned a few posts ago how I wanted to start a series that was all about goodies that could be used as favors for parties, events, etc. I asked some family and friends for help for a clever name and finally settled on this one: favor-eats. I liked it for three reasons: 1. It’s adorable. Duh. 2. It describes exactly what the products are; favors that you can eat. 3. It sounds like “favorites” with a little accent thrown in, and how can you not love that?

To start this series, I thought I’d lay out one of the newest additions to my etsy shop. Yes,  I also have an etsy shop! I’ve never talked about it on here because this is food and that is… well, not. But since I put something edible on there, it’s time my two worlds come together. I make everything myself and have been doing so for a few years now. Check it out! If you want to buy something you like, use the code “ovenlovin” at checkout to receive 15% off. It’s the least I can do for having such wonderful followers on here.

Anyway, back to the spoons. Since we’re heading into the colder months, I will start transitioning from my iced lattes to hot ones. These are perfect for adding that something extra to your hot chocolate, coffee, or tea. If you choose to give them as favors or holiday gifts, you can customize them with sprinkles that match your event, chocolate flavor/color that goes with your theme, or ribbons that tie in to your special occasion (Ha… Tie. Ribbon. Get it?). For the holidays, use crushed peppermints! For Christmas, use red and green sprinkles! For a winter wedding, use sparkling white sugar crystals! The options are endless!

You’ll also notice that some of my spoons are stamped. This is another easy way to customize them for your event. You can use different sayings, designs, and ink colors. You can also use individual letter stamps to create your own words or just press your initials.

Don’t forget: you don’t have to do anything extra! You can just have the chocolate on the unstamped spoon and it’ll get the job done. Let’s get started.

You’ll need:

  • Wooden spoons
  • Meltable chocolate

Step 1:
You guessed it. Melt that chocolate. I usually put a block in a small glass bowl and microwave it for 30 second intervals, mixing it with a spoon until it’s soft and melted. You can also use a double boiler.

Step 2:
Fill the spoon with the melted chocolate. Set it aside to cool.
image4Step 3:
Once the chocolate has hardened, dip the entire spoon head into the melted chocolate. This produces another layer in the front while also coating the back. Smooth the edges if you fee you need to.
If you are using a topping like sprinkles, put a few on now while the chocolate is still melted. Then lay the spoon on some wax paper (if you don’t mind having a flattened back) or on something elevated so nothing is touching the chocolate. I had them lined up around my sink with the heads of the spoons hanging over the edge. Get creative! Allow them to cool and harden completely.
image5If you are using a topping like a different flavor of chocolate or caramel, do so after the spoon has cooled. This will make sure the flavors don’t get mixed together and smeared. fullsizerender_1Note, if you choose to stamp your spoons, I recommend you do this before putting any chocolate on them. You can still do it afterward, but it makes your life easier if you don’t.image1

Gimme some oven lovin’.


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